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editing lists…

completing the “oli mucking out pigs” sequence which will play a pivitol roll in the film

completing the “oli mucking out pigs” sequence which will play a pivitol roll in the film

Pro Res

So i’ve managed to set myself behind by a week by making the mistake of thinking i could get awak with editing this amount of footage without log and transfering it all into fcp 7 a Pro Res files instead of the very large native files they have stayed as since being shot on the 60d. 
  Im also having problems with file storage and memory, with large amounts of files comes the obvious huge rendering time and a need for a much bigger autocache… 

In this timeline i now have each of the tasks in chronological order and together in one sequence.

In this timeline i now have each of the tasks in chronological order and together in one sequence.

Side notes-

more project aims & themes? :

looking to explore and promote griersons political ideology?

showing the audience in more intense detail the work of this particular industry?

to stretch as far as grierson and hint at heroisism in the working class?

Final Choice For Proposal

My final choice to present in a proposal for my final major project, is to create a documentary film for digital presentation exploring the work, setting and ethics of Harvel House Farm.

The availability to film and record present a huge reason to persue a film project at a location which offers a high change of intensity, cinematic views as well as the daily tasks which my film will use to bring out the themes of ethics, commitment and skill that i want to bring out.

"The work, inspired from a progression of thinking following a previous project and my dissertation that analyzed and evaluated John Grierson’s documentary movement in the early 20th century. Particularly influential was the work he did with Alberto Cavalcanti on Industrial Britain (1933) which depicted skilled work of manual laborers in different industries around England, showing there skill set and commitment while also providing a change for the audience to gain an insight into the atmosphere and setting.” 

-detailing the starting point of the project in the proposal-

      ”By first following the individual farm workers through there daily schedule of various tasks I aim to be able to build up various sequences of these various tasks before being able to study and compare them for inclusion in my final edit.

This will take form without a structured plot, instead wanting to use a more choreographic style of editing between fixed frame shots allowing the audience to study the photography and discover and find meaning in the action-taking place before the camera. “

-defining the simplistic but highly photographic visual aesthetic i am hoping to apply, echoing the great work of Grierson and Flaherty 

Another idea

back in kent england, i have a friend who has grown up all his life working with his family on a farm. Producing mixed produce, both livestock and cereals they have gradually grown to now include a butchery and farm shop selling all of there own produce. 

As a setting for exploration i believe it is greatly favourable to the mobile phone repair idea. There will be more to explore and document, i believe a much wider range of cinematic shots available and most importantly it strikes a much closer link with my primary influence and starting point of the work ethic in the working industries, in fact Industrial Britain (1933) farm sequence was one of the more influencial in my decision to follow the work in film ethics of John Grierson.



FIDLAR // Brighton UK 27/2/13

FIDLAR // Brighton UK 27/2/13